Give Your Business an Online Presence

Every business at some point wants an online presence. Why not when according to Wikipedia, there are well over 1.67 billion people globally who actively use the Internet. There is ample justification for branching a new or existing business venture online.

So what needs to be taken into consideration when launching a business online? How does one gain success and remain successful? I’ve put together a few tips based on my past and present business ventures that I’ve realized worked well. Hopefully these will assist with making a successful transition.

  • Do Your Research

    This in my opinion is one of the most important aspects to a successful online business launch. Effective research can involve assessing other online businesses, meeting with business owners and even playing the role of a client.  Once time is taken to understand the nature of one’s industry, it is easy to understand market demographics, patterns and practices. Therefore, effective strategies can be implemented that are not only cost-effective but also based on current trends.

  • Give your Business a Home

    A website is one of the most common and popular mediums a business can employ to present itself online. At a minimum, establishing a website consists of a domain name that matches the business name and also storage space to hold all website content. Overall, a simple and attractive website design can prove sufficient enough in presenting one’s business serviceand product offerings.

  • Use Social Networking

    Social networking is another popular medium that any business can utilize to market and establish themselves. Most times it complements a businesses’ primary website.  With the growing trend that the average Internet user is a member of a social networking website, having a business social networking presence makes any business available to numerous potential clients.

    Social networks leaders Facebook and Myspace have tools for businesses including fan pages and groups. However, LinkedIn, Meetup, Xing and NetParty are a few social networks worth mentioning that focus primarily on professional business connections.

  • Don’t be Afraid to Experiment

    Many businesses have and continue to practice some form of experimentation. This can be the implementation of some new technique, idea or known practice in an attempt to gain some measure of success. Some of these ideas may fail or prove to be advantageous.

    The key to effective experimentation is calculated planning which many know as risk assessment. Part of this planning would need to include consideration to alternative options in the event of an unexpected outcome thereby exercising damage control.

  • Too Much is Bad

    Yes, too much of a good thing may be bad especially when overly utilized. The tendency exists for any business to overuse various techniques or strategies which sometimes may lead to negative effects. Such effects can include loss of overall popularity and even loyal patrons.

    One way a business can prevent such issues is to perform frequent business assessments which can include analyzing the frequency of past and present marketing campaigns and strategies. Particular attention should be paid to the effectiveness in delivery to the desired target audience and also the campaign duration. The results obtained from this assessment would prove to be beneficial in order to execute the right adjustments.

  • Be Patient

    As previously mentioned, there is huge potential with an online presence. However, this does not guarantee any success even if the best practices and methods are utilized. In some cases it may take numerous attempts which can easily cause one to become impatient or loose motivation. However, patience is key to a successful online presence. No business has been able to enjoy success without some measure of failure.

    One such business, eToys, established itself online in 1999 selling toys to children and ended up closing in 2001 after various techniques that failed. However, eToys has now reopened and appears to be doing well.

An online business presence is a win-win situation. The pros definitely outweigh the cons. Once approached correctly and in a precise manner, the possibilities for any online business are limitless. So launch your online business with confidence today.

  • You have provided very informative and concise tips for any business to have an online presence. I have read some of these tips from other sources but your well articulated presentation deeply impress on me the need to revisit my business presence online and seek to utilise some of these approaches that you have highlighted for comparative advantage in the market.

  • I’m happy you enjoyed the article :). I’ll be glad to help with implementing any of your online ideas . Would be my pleasure.