Monday Blues, Ep. 4

The earthquake that struck Chile this past weekend was extremely unfortunate. It was rather shocking that with Haiti’s earthquake still fresh in everyone’s minds that now the world experiences another major catastrophe.  My heart and prayers go out to everyone affected by this natural disaster.

With the events that occurred this weekend, we’re reminded of how powerful a role technology can play when harnessed to its full potential. Within minutes of the earthquake the rest of the world was updated with images, real-time video and even live chat. Some of the highlights I noted were:

  • Boston’s The Big Picture had a photo blog posting within hours (12:30pm EST approx.) with high resolution quality photos from damage in Chile.
  • Mashable provided live video feeds on Hawaii Tsunami updates.
  •‘s domain and hosting was created within hours of the earthquake (11:33:30 UTC) and provided real-time twitter feed updates and video streaming feeds on Hawaii Tsunami updates.

The way in which technology was incorporated with this weekend’s events is just an example of the positive side of technology usage. Overall, it is becoming more and more evident that technology is not  just a name but can even be seen as a movement. Information is now at the touch of a button or a dial and available quickly and in various formats.

As technology evolves we find ourselves becoming more interconnected which provides us with the ability to unleash the unthinkable. At the rate of current technological developments, imagine the nature of life in another few years. My hope is that we all can continue to come together as we did this past weekend to use technology for the greater good.