Tech Term Tuesday, Issue 5

Term: Tethering

What is Tethering?

Tethering refers to using your cell phone as a medium for Internet access by connecting it to a computer or laptop. Over the years this has become a fairly common practice and has become extremely popular especially with later model mobile phones. Tethering can be extremely useful as there is no need to have an additional component for Internet access thereby saving money and providing that convenience .

Are there any examples?

There are many situations where Tethering can prove to be useful. One such example is that of a business traveler who has just landed at an airport and needs to obtain hotel information or directions. He or she may decide to tether a mobile phone to a computer in order to obtain Internet access thereby avoiding the cost of purchasing a Wi-Fi guest pass which can sometimes be costly.

How do I perform Tethering?

In order to better explain how to perform tethering I have provided a YouTube video below. While viewing the video, it should be noted that tethering varies by phone model and carrier. Therefore, it is always best to ask your mobile carrier prior to attempting this practice:

Any interesting facts?

  • Although some mobile phone carriers have blocked tethering, it is well documented of ways that persons have “hacked” their phones to allow this functionality.