Monday Blues, Ep. 10

The Discovery Channel has been airing a very exciting documentary series, Life which provides insight on a global view of various living organisms and creatures in their quest for survival. To date 8 out of 11 episodes have already premiered with each episode focussing on a particular group of living elements.

Based on my research of the series it took about three years of development which included one year of planning and research. High-definition and super high-speed cameras capable of shooting up to 8,000 frames per second were used to slow down various dramatic action sequences. Most notably gyroscopic stabilisation technology used to create steady shots from moving vehicles even while on rough terrain.

Below are a few amazing series highlights:

  • A Cheetah hunts an Ostritch
  • Flying Fish
  • A Toad leaps away from its attacker

Watching this show truly makes us appreciate all living elements that comprise this World. I tip my hat to all those associated with developing such an amazing series.

  • Fantastic series. It never ceases to amaze me the quality of videography done by the team at the Discovery Channel — they make us stop and really digest all that is around us. I think it is important to keep a global perspective and a heavy appreciation for the breath-taking beauty of our world.

    Thank you for a great Monday morning thought.