Monday Blues, Ep. 13

I happen to spend a considerable amount of time online. Sometimes as much as about 10+ hours a day. Yes I know that this is a long time but being in the IT field I’m sure many can agree that it is inevitable.

Over the past few days I’ve stumbled on some interesting articles and stories online that I want to share for your reading the viewing pleasure:

Some of the Best Iceland Photos Online

I don’t think I’ve seen anything like these photos of the recent Iceland volcanic activity. These were taken by a native Icelander whose intentions were to show the world that although the volcano caused disruption and many other problems it was first and foremost a sight of beauty. The detail of the photos are just superb.

Facebook Privacy Concerns

Yes Facebook has been under some fire this past week regarding their privacy policy. According to numerous reports, they are selling user’s data to advertisers and openly have been quoted to condone this activity. The reactions of Facebook users have been widespread prompting many to protest, seek ways to make their profiles more private and also to leave Facebook. Here are a few resources regarding these reactions:

Space shuttle Atlantis final voyage

This past Friday the Space Shuttle Atlantis lifted-off from the Kennedy Space Center in Florida on its final mission. Some great photographs of this launch can be seen at The Big Picture.