Monday Blues, Ep. 5

I enjoyed last night’s Oscars. This past year highlighted numerous crowd favorites, limited releases and films that can be instant classics. I particularly enjoyed Avatar, The Hurt Locker, The Messenger, Up and Coraline even though I would have preferred Avatar to win the best picture award.

When most persons think of last night’s events, initial thoughts tend to normally surround the movie that won the most awards-The Hurt Locker, the best picture award-The Hurt Locker, the best actor award-Jeff Bridges, the best actress award-Sandra Bullock and also best movie director award-Kathryn Bigelow.

Many may not realize that two weeks ago persons associated with the movies nominated last night were already being recognized and awarded for their work  behind the scenes to make these movies successful.

These awards, named the Scientific and Technical Academy Awards, honor the men, women and companies who have contributed important discoveries and innovations to motion pictures. Normally occurring in a dinner format, this year thirteen certificates were awarded for five different accomplishments. Also, thirty-three plaques were awarded for ten different innovations with a focus this year particularly on 3D film technology.

After reviewing the list of winners and their work, I can really appreciate the time, effort and innovation involved in producing some of the year’s biggest films. One such winner, Dr. Richard Kirk, received an Award for the overall design and development of the Truelight real-time 3D look-up table hardware device. Those who loved Avatar may have to thank Dr. Kirk for helping to provide us with such a breathtaking experience.

Awards presentations like the Scientific and Technical Academy Awards not only assist  in recognizing film innovators but also reminds us how far film has advanced over the decades due to technology. A great reason to rethink illegal movie pirating.

Have a great week.