Tech Term Tuesday, Issue 10


What is a Podcast?

A podcast is a music or talk program that is recorded and made available in digital format to remote audiences via the internet. The word podcast is derived from the terms “iPod” and “broadcast”. It is attributed to the original creators of podcasting who used iPods to listen to their RSS broadcasts. It should be noted that the word podcast also stands for “Personal On Demand broadCAST”.

Podcasts are played on a computer or a mobile device and are often distributed in “episodes,” meaning new podcasts are made available on a regular basis. Users can subscribe to these podcasts using RSS capability, which can automate the download process for the user.

Any Examples of Podcast usage?

  • Popular ESPN sports-talk radio show, Mike and Mike in the Morning have their show recorded and available daily in podcast format. These podcasts downloaded either on ESPN or iTunes.
  • NPR, a privately and publicly funded non-profit news media organization, has various news and documentaries available for daily download podcast format on their website.

Any Interesting Facts?

  • Podcasting started around the early 2000s
  • Anyone can create a podcast using a microphone or digital video camera and a computer with recording software.