Tech Term Tuesday, Issue 11

What is an Avatar?

The term Avatar, when used in computing, is a representation of one’s self on the Internet or on a computer. An avatar can be either a three-dimensional model which is used in online gaming or two-dimensional icons used on chat forums and newsgroups.

Any Examples of Avatar use?

  • Popular gaming system, Xbox 360, allows its users of the Xbox Live service to create a digital avatar representation of his or herself which is fully customizable. Users can change hairstyles, clothes, accessories, backgrounds and even create their own unique persona.
  • Digg, a well-known news and content sharing website, provides avatar use through icon representation. Users can upload a photo or icon to represent themselves and when comments are made on submitted content that person’s avatar is displayed.

Any Interesting Facts?

  • The term avatar has multiple meanings especially in film, television, gaming and even music.